Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 21 in the Field: Trials, Music, Family, and Pumpkins

1.  Great Dinner with Chad and Mandy’s family on Sunday evening!

All right, let's get down to it.

This week, the work wasn't going too well again, which has been kind of the usual since we got here. It still kind of hurts to go 7 weeks without much success and only average about 11 lessons per week. When you look at it like that it's pretty sad cause that means you aren't even getting in 2 lessons per day.

Bright side is the one investigator we taught this week is doing really well. Sisters and members gave up on him because he wasn't progressing after he got into some anti. With patience and diligence, we have worked very hard and now he trusts us. We had to remove several layers of anti material but after answering all of his questions, we were finally on neutral ground. The lesson we had went well and a lot of things made sense. After talking a little about Kirtland he said he wanted to look into more on Church History and Joseph again. We were very happy to help. We plan on teaching him again in a few days.

The other bright side is on Thursday we had interviews with President Andersen. During the interviews we had trainings on certain topics. Sister Andersen talked about an issue of flirting. It was interesting because I think too many people mistake flirting for just being nice to people of the opposite gender. I think that we need a list from both sides on what constitutes it so as not to confuse anyone. During my interview with President we talked about the work in Hendersonville and how it could improve. Basically the result we came to is that somehow we will find a golden investigator who we can work with. ‘Till then, just grin and bear it.

2. The audience. We had to set up extra rows behind this one. Almost every seat was filled.

Thursday night was probably one of the highlights of my mission let alone the week. The Nashville Tribute Band came to perform at the Madison Stake Center. Their lineup featured Dan Truman on keyboard, Jason Deere who is the head songwriter and lead singer on guitar and vocals, Matt Lopez on guitar, percussion, and vocals, Tim Gates who is another lead singer and back up vocalist, and Brad Hull on guitar and back up vocals. 

3. The band lineup for this concert (from left to right): Dan Truman, Jason Deere, Matt Lopez, Tim Gates, and Brad Hull. (Matt, Tim, and Brad also make up a band called Due West).

They played most of the songs on their album "Joseph" and several from "The Trek" and their new album, which comes out next week "Redeemer". Afterwards they had all the full time missionaries stand up. Jason then asked all of us to get on stage. 

4. Singing with the band. (I'm in between Matt Lopez and Tim Gates).

We then proceeded to sing songs from "The Work" and "My Call to Serve" with the band. It was loads of fun but it was also funny to see all the other Elders just standing as if this wasn't special. Kind of like a bunch of elementary school kids putting on a show. It was a ton of fun and I wish I could play with them. The music was really great and I encourage everyone to give them a listen.

After the show I got to have good talks with Tim, Dan, and Matt but I also couldn't help but observe certain elders who would just barge in to conversations to take selfies with the band members. I was a little bit ashamed at their behavior. I made sure to ASK politely to take a picture with them.

5. With Jason Deere. He's the lead songwriter and lead singer of the Nashville Tribute Band. He and Dan Truman started the idea. He wrote every song that they play. He also goes to the Green Hills ward which is in Nashville stake.

But anyways, Matt who is in our ward, just got called to be a ward missionary which really would've helped... IF the band weren't going on tour until Christmas. But he and I joked around and talked about the investigators he will get to look forward to meeting when he gets back. 

6.  With Tim Gates. Another lead singer and back up vocalist and can be heard on many of the albums especially in The Trek. He is also the lead singer in Due West. He goes to the Smith Springs Ward and remembered me from that area even though I only saw him once. I used his daughter's guitar when I played my first musical number in the mission.

I also got to talk to Dan Truman about music and stuff since he writes a lot of the music to the songs. He was really nice and he said he hopes to see me again. Tim was in my ward in Smith Springs so it was really good to see him again. He and his wife both remembered us which is good as most missionaries get forgotten once they leave an area. I didn't get the chance to talk to Jason and Brad since they were talking with others but it was really cool to meet them.

7.  With Matt Lopez. One of the lead guitarists for Due West and the Nashville Tribute Band. He is also one of the lead singers and a back up vocalist. He goes to Hendersonville ward and is someone we talk to quite frequently. He and the band will be back sometime around Christmas.

On Sunday, we got to have a great dinner with Chad and Mandy Ohman, my cousins on the Jensen side, which was really awesome! We talked about each other's experiences with the family. Apparently I've had more interaction with the Jensen's then they have which is pretty funny. Hopefully I will be able to go back and see them on Thanksgiving.

Everything else this week was kind of slow. We aren't really sure what to do anymore since tracting is so ineffective. We keep hearing jokes about how the church should just pull us back and have the members do all the finding such as going door to door and the missionaries be
full time teachers. Hopefully things will get better. We are really doing our best.

Thanks for everything you all do!  Please write when you can.  It is great to hear from you.

Elder Peery

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Lots happened this week so I am posting lots of pictures!

8. Pumpkin Carving! Elder Moeller carved a chipmunk while I carved the Angel Moroni.

9. My pumpkin carving of the Angel Moroni.

10. Foggy day in Hendersonville on Sunday.

11.  With Elder Moeller at Chad and Mandy's house on Sunday evening.

12.  With my new cousin, Chad.  What a great evening!