Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 3 in the Field: Into The Deep End

Things have been really hectic this week. My trainer, Elder Leavitt, decided to throw me into the deep end on Tuesday. What was really cool was that for the most part things went pretty well. We were able to make a lot of appointments and meet a lot of people. What's more cool was that every time I didn't know what to do or if I was really upset, a random, and I mean random, person would come up and talk to us. We ended up talking to several random people including a security guard from Salt Lake. In my hardest moment, an email from a good friend appeared on my iPad. 

Random picture in Nashville

For the amount of bad stuff that happened this week we had a couple good things happen. Several of our investigators have been progressing quickly. We are nearing our area goal of 6 baptisms in 6 weeks with already 2 down and 3-5 scheduled for the upcoming weeks. We are very excited as some of our own investigators are getting closer to that point as well.

Another random picture in Nashville

Two days ago was my first Saturday without having to attend a baptism. We went out tracting in an area where we had received a referral. After teaching the people and handing out a Book of Mormon, we asked if there was anyone they knew who could use a message about Christ. They referred us to their neighbors around the area. This happened 5 times. We ended up teaching and placing 6 Book of Mormons in the space of 30 minutes. This resulted with 5 new investigators and several other referrals. It was super fun to get a spot of success from a few weeks of nothing.

Elder Leavitt is fixing a bike for a sister missionary.

Several people in the Smith Springs ward have come up to me saying they remember my parents. Sister Clark even came up to me showing me a picture of myself as a baby. On top of that Brother Knott who is the Elders Quorum teacher called me out in class saying I was the cutest baby he had ever seen followed by the question "Where did it go?" It's been fun seeing people I have absolutely no recollection of. 

This is the ward building where I am serving.
This is ALSO the same building where my parents attended church when I was just a baby.

That's pretty much everything that has happened this week. I'm going on exchanges with Elder Moeller today while Elder Perry is going with Elder Leavitt. This should be lots of fun! 

I appreciate all the prayers and support I've received these past few days. They've been a big booster. Please continue writing me and thank you for your prayers.

Elder Peery

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  1. What an exciting blog post. I am not at all surprised at your whirl wind of activity bc I remember a little boy that went home from church with pass along cards, went out immediately and passed them out to his neighbors. It is so great for Bro. Price and me to catch up with you each week. We just got home after taking two older single sisters that Bro. Price teaches out to eat for FHE. We love you Andrew.

  2. You are SOOOOO BLESSED, Elder Peery!!! I can NOT believe that the first area you get to serve in is the SAME place you were blessed as a baby!! How WILD is THAT??!! VERY COOL!! The Lord KNOWS what He is doing!! Keep up the GREAT work and AWESOME spirit!! This is HIS CHURCH!! Take care,

    :) Gina (from NS2)