Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 23 in the Field: Doberman, Music, and Go-Karts

1. With Cara, a large 2-year-old Doberman who was very friendly

Okey-dokey, so this week was a roller coaster of fun and interesting times.

On Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Colver who is the district leader's companion. We taught a couple lessons but then had to head back to the apartment to wait for a guy who was going to give us an estimate on the mission car we drive. While it was with the other set of Elders, some lady while talking on her cell phone backed into it creating a massive dent. The total cost of the damage was approximately $1000.

Before we met up with the estimator guy though, one of Elder Colver's investigators on Facebook reported that she was going through a crisis. We sort of had to book it to get back to the problem. Since I don't have a Facebook for missionary work, I kind of just sat there awkwardly as he dealt with the situation.

On Wednesday we had our zone meeting, which is when all the missionaries in the stake meet and receive trainings from the zone leaders. One of the announcements made was in order for someone to meet the requirements of Facebook, they must teach 20 people consecutively for two weeks--for me that really hurt and irritated me.

The zone leaders had set it at 15 prior to this and I was able to achieve it once by teaching 16 lessons last week which was really good for the area we are in. But as I looked back at the records, the last time anyone taught 20 lessons was way before we even got to Hendersonville.

On top of that later that day we were blasted by the number of other lessons we had per week. Other lessons are essentially lessons without a member present. It was almost like they were saying "Are you even doing anything there?!" With the stress of the world, mission, and area I broke down in the pouring rain in sheer frustration. 

Elder Moeller did his best to calm me down and cheer me up but I was pretty shaken till later that night when we received an apology as well as a notification that the zone leaders would be going on exchange with us.

On Friday I went on exchange with Elder Cullum and we went to an elderly care facility called Wings. We were not prepared at all. All we had was an address and a very brief summary of what the sisters did while they were there. We met 7-9 elderly folk who were eagerly excited to hear from us although we had no clue what to do. Elder Cullum and I agreed that we would sing. So with our iPads as the background music we sang "I am a Child of God", "A Child's Prayer", and "Love one Another" all of which are from the Children's Songbook.

I bore my testimony on faith and prayer and then after the 30 minutes we were there, we left. It was a truly humbling and interesting experience. After tracting for 4 hours without any success afterwards, Elder Cullum finally said he understood that we were trying hard out here which was exactly what I wanted him to see.

On Saturday and Sunday we had our stake conference and on Sunday I sang in a missionary choir the EFY Medley (which is As Sisters in Zion combined with We'll Bring The World His Truth combined). It was a very spiritual experience and loads of people cried as we sang. It was sweet. Later that night we went over to a member's house and had homemade fried chicken. It was incredibly delicious. While there he had me play his Les Paul electric guitar which was incredibly beautiful and I also got to mess around with his 2 year old Doberman named Cara. Super adorable big dog.

2. Elder Moeller with Cara, the Doberman

Today we went over to Opryland where a member worked at a go-kart and mini-golf place. We got in for very low prices and it was loads of fun.

3. At the starting gate at the go-kart track in Opryland

 I ended up beating everyone in the go-kart race and only wrecked once into Elder Hohneke. He was trying to turn and I may have...accidentally... spun him out and then once reset, took the lead and kept it. To be fair I lapped him again so that counts.

4. Wrecking into Elder Hohneke

At mini golf we had a lot of fun and I didn't do too bad in that either. It was all in all a fun day.

5.  At the mini golf course.

I am now reading in 1st Timothy in my Bible Challenge and am set to finish long before Christmas. Meanwhile Elder Moeller is preparing for his sfinal 8 days as a missionary. Hopefully after this transfer I won't have to deal with too many more companions that are going home. And hopefully, we will have a better week!

We are expecting miracles and we hope you are as well.  Thank you for your prayers and continued support. I appreciate you all so much.

Elder Peery

A few more pictures below:

6. Passing Elder Cullum on the racetrack

7. Passing Elder Womack and later the rest of them

8. BYU buses at Opryland?

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