Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 33 in the Mission Field

So this was a fun week.

On Monday I went on exchange with Elder Longhurst who is a 25 year old missionary who is going home in 3 weeks. It was my first time in about 2 months with a missionary going home since Elder Moeller, and it was very refreshing to have a missionary that was older than I was again.

We had dinner with the Mitchell family who are a family of 8 including 6 kids ranging from 16 to very little. Sis. Mitchell is the Primary President of the ward and as we were talking about Primary and how things are going, she roped me in to teaching Sharing Time which I guess is basically teaching a lesson to the little Primary kids who are all under 12 years old. I said I'd do it and she was very happy.

Tuesday we had another normal day at the storehouse. Not much different from the last times. However Elder Longhurst had never been to a Steak N Shake before so instead of staying for lunch like we usually do, we headed off to there instead. Unfortunately because he was starting to get very sick, he didn't have the best experience possible, but I enjoyed it as usual. He got very sick (not due to Steak N Shake) and we essentially had to close up for the day after having dinner at the Gilday's which was another fun appointment.

Wednesday we had our district meeting and afterwards we went to go try a few people who ended up not being there. Wednesday night though we had an awesome member present lesson with a part member family named the Brown's where the husband is trying to learn more about the church. The previous week I had made them cookies and at this lesson it seemed they were much more open.

Thursday was basically the same until the evening when we went with a member to two families who are both less active and they want their kids baptized. We committed both to church and both didn't come so we will have to see what's up again.

Friday we had another amusing dinner at the Hansen's. One of their kids does really great impressions of Lord of The Rings/Hobbit characters and the entire time he was all over the place using Smaug's voice. I suggested that we should take him tracting and he replied "(normal voice) Yeah! So I can go (Smaug's voice and dramatically pointing) YOUUU!!! REPENT!!!" Very fun family.

Saturday we went over after dinner to a nice elderly lady's apartment with a member who's a friend of hers. We had seen her every now and then and unfortunately she's not doing too well. The Predators/Red Wing's game was on so we talked about hockey and ice skating. Back in her day she was apparently quite the skater. She essentially persuaded me that when I get back to Idaho to "find a cute girl and have her help you learn how to ice skate!" She was very sweet. She was also interested in the Book of Mormon so we told her we would come back with a large print version of it so she could read it.

Sunday was amazing. Though the two families I mentioned that we saw on Thursday did not show up, we still had a lot of our investigators who did show up. And we had a lot of visitors as well.

One of them was very special, indeed. As I was chatting with my companion at the doorway, behind me entered a small guy in his 20's and sat down behind us. My companion's expression quickly changed as he said "Oh! It's David Archuleta!"

After Sacrament meeting I said hello and thanked him for the fireside he gave back in October. I also got to shake his hand before I went off to teach Primary. It was entertaining cause all the adults were chill since he had apparently come every now and then, but all the kids including my companion were ecstatic.

Primary was awesome! There were about 60-80 kids total that I saw (they divided it up based on age levels so I saw the groups 3-7 and 8-11 separately). I taught them about how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and the kids gave me some suggestions on how they show their love for us. Sis. Mitchell was impressed and later said "I may have to use you again." I think this marked my 4th time in Primary, which is strange cause I hadn't been back to Primary since I was the kids' age. In this ward I've officially played the piano twice for them and taught primary twice as well.

After church I got to talk to David again because during priesthood, he volunteered to go out teaching with us on Tuesday, which will be a very interesting experience. It was super entertaining ‘cause in a conversation, he's actually pretty shy. And like he is everywhere else, he's very humble and never boastful which is pretty amazing to me since a lot of people know who he is. His one stipulation was, "I don't really want to hang around adolescent girls though.." To which we all laughed. I'm looking very forward to talking to him again soon.

We had dinner with the Wilcox family tonight which was really fun. They talked about their time up at BYU-Idaho and basically told me what to do to find a future wife (completely joking around). It was great fun and they gave us one of their friends to go see. They just need to get their address haha.

So yeah other than that not much else happened. I believe this week I technically turn 8 months but I've done the math and I've been out for more than 32 weeks. So I'm not really sure how that all works but I'm going with that.

Hope ya'll have a good week!

Elder Peery

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