Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 52 in the Field: Paducah, Galatia, and Carrier Mills

Roasting marshmallows outside of our apartment in a small fire pit by the driveway.

Hey everybody! Got a lot of pictures, so prepare yourselves.  So this week was kinda stressful yet really fun--usually is for the most part.

I got a knee brace! I've been struggling with my left knee for the past few months and finally decided to get something for it.

On Monday we went down with some other elders to Paducah where we had a lot of fun playing basketball with the members and missionaries down there. I was getting ready to go on exchanges with the Spanish elders down there so everything was really busy. Too of the Paducah elders got in a head to head collision, so we had to take it easy after that. In the evening I went with Elder Senatore to go teach a few families in Spanish. That was an adventure.

On Tuesday we were still on exchanges and I noticed that their apartment wasn't in the best shape. So while Elder Senatore did some language study I spent that time cleaning dishes and making stuff look better. It felt really good to serve.  We ended up teaching only one lesson that day. In the evening we went over to the church where they were holding a basketball night.

Many investigators from Paducah came and it was a lot of fun. In the evening I was driving the car but I couldn't see very well due to the bad lights. So I had a "Jesus take the wheel" moment and missed the turn and drove onto someone's lawn. It was okay though cause I was able to fix the lights and narrowly drive in between a fire hydrant and a street sign. It wasn't noticeable in the morning. Elder Senatore still laughs about it to this day.

Wednesday we had district meeting in Eldorado where I reunited with Elder Steed. We did some unity exercises, which was a lot of fun. After that we didn't get to see really anyone all day until the evening.

Thursday was an interesting adventure. Not all that much happened up until we decided to go down to Carrier Mills where we had a great time talking with a few less actives down there--one of which was super nice and let us in, and we messed around with her dog that she had recently gotten from a shelter about half a year ago.

In the evening we headed up with the BML (Branch Mission Leader) to Galatia where they had this giant fair going on over there. It was a Gospel Music themed night so we kind of almost advertised our church by showing up. Our BML got lots of questions later on in the week, which was amazing.

"Southern Bluegrass 5" at the Galatia fair

Friday we said goodbye to our Long John Silver less active friend. He was moving down to Kentucky and out of our mission. Hopefully the missionaries will find him soon.

Food and games at Galatia

In the evening we went down with the first counselor in the branch presidency and walked around the fair in Galatia. This one guy came up to us and asked us who we were. After explaining ourselves and a few of the things of what we do, he told us that he lived in Galatia and had seen us walking around the day previously.

Fair in Galatia

He had been trying to get his life back together. We got his information and set up an appointment for the next day. The first counselor is a convert to the Church, and he bore his testimony to this guy which was also awesome. He called it a miracle.

The slides at the fair in Galatia

Saturday we met with the same guy and he unfolded his life story to us. We taught him a bit of the Restoration and then asked him if he knew that this church was true that he'd be baptized. He said "Definitely." He was really awesome. We saw a couple other families including one of the counselors in the Primary Presidency. She and I had a good conversation about life plans and such. I will also be helping the primary learn a new song by playing the piano for them, which is totally cool.

Sunday we had our Warriors of Christ investigator show up at church with his grandson. I taught a pretty powerful lesson on the Plan of Salvation using both the Bible and Book of Mormon as one unified source of material. The counselor and a stake high councilman sat in on the lesson and the two investigators loved it and had some good questions afterwards. I also gave a very quick talk in Primary about serving others.

Elder Steed's skill at art. He made this for his girlfriend back home.
He drew everything by looking at a picture.

Today was very busy, but that's for another week. Thank you all for reading this stuff and writing to me. It makes a big difference for sure in my week. I really appreciate all the love and support. Tomorrow will mark one year exactly since I've been in out the mission field (I arrived in Nashville, TN on June 2, 2014, though I go home less than a year from now. Thanks again!

Elder Peery

Elder Leavitt's old crutches!!

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