Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 85 in the Field!

 Old picture from Christmastime with Elder Harrison,
Hermana James, and Hermana Lutui

So Monday was the last Pday with Elder Harrison. He was kind of sad to be leaving, but happy to be going at the same time. We shipped a lot of packages home that day which significantly made the amount of things I have, much less. After that we spent the rest of the night packing and figuring out how in the world we were going to cram three missionaries into the apartment.

Tuesday we loaded up Bro. Wade's car and we drove on down to transfers. They aren't having any more transfer meetings, it's just pick up the new companions and off you go. However Elder Beckett arrived very late and so we spent more time there than we were supposed to. After arriving back at the apartment, Elder Barrus and I commenced the deep clean of the apartment. We threw out approximately 5 trash bags worth of Elders and Hermanas clothing, junk, and who knows what. The result? An apartment just big enough for two people (and one of them cramped in there). We had dinner at KFC in the evening after seeing a few people and I got to know them better.

Elder Barrus is from Grantsville, UT and he is a sports player through and through. In high school he played baseball, basketball, and football but his favorite is probably baseball. He hopes to make it to the majors and his favorite player is Bryce Harper (plays for the Nationals and is one of my favs too). He's very diligent and focused on whatever he's doing. He's been out about 6 months. Elder Beckett is from Idaho Falls, ID and now takes the record for the closest companion that I will ever live near. He's a gamer and kind of a nerd which I can relate to a bit. He's been out for about 15 months. Basically it's like serving with Elder Hansen and Elder Stange again.

Wednesday we had district meeting and other than my two new companions, the only real change is that Elder McClain is the new district leader and he is also training a new missionary, Elder Cox. It's a pretty cool district and I'm excited to work with them. After district meeting we tried a bunch of people but didn't have too much luck. We did tract into a young mom so that was pretty good. After dinner with the Cosgriff's we tried a few more people but mostly didn't have too much success.

The trek. Elder Barrus is on the left and Elder Beckett is behind him.

Thursday was day one of the trek. We walked approx. 13 miles that day trying a bunch of people. We found maybe 2 solid people and cleared out like 50. Very productive. In the evening we found a less active family and we are having dinner with them on Thursday which will be cool. 

Friday was a lot of the same, except we divided up our areas into sections to help know where investigators are living. We then walked down to the bottom of the area and tried some people there. We had much success near the projects in the south and have some new investigators. Hopefully they will be willing to keep commitments too. In the evening we contacted a few less active families and saw Bro. Mathis. He was very happy to see us and we talked for awhile. His accent is incredibly thick. As he explains, "Well back in my time, kids went off to school to learn English. But I went off to go fishing. So that's why it stuck." 

Elder Beckett getting attacked by puppies

On Saturday we finished off the bottom part of the area and went north and got the car back. We had walked a total of about 25 miles those three days. It was awesome. We tried a bunch more people but didn't have too much success. Most of our time was out in the boonies so it was good to clear that up.

Sunday we had a rather interesting day at church. Instead of the usual meetings, there was a regional area conference broadcast from Salt Lake City.  Elder L. Whitney Clayton who is in the presidency of the seventy conducted it and he talked about pressing forward with a steadfast faith in Christ. Sister Linda S. Reeves of the Relief Society General Presidency, talked about the prodigal sons and also talked about overcoming the temptations of the world by counting our blessings and serving each other. I really liked her talk the best. 

Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke of the importance of temples and Elder Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke on strengthening families. They were all great talks. Afterwards we had a potluck so that was fun. In the evening we tried some more people but mostly cleared out a lot. We went from having about 200 investigators, to about 42 with some left to try. When I came to the area there were about 700 investigators so this is a really old thing to narrow down the teaching pool of who's really interested.

That was basically all that went down this week. We have a worldwide missionary conference this Wednesday so that should be really cool. I'm excited for it. Hopefully everything is going great on your end.  Please stay in touch.  I'd love to hear from you.

Talk to you next week.

Elder Peery

Barren Fork River

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