Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 91 in the Field: Falcon Rest and Fun Times in McMinnville!

Side view of Falcon Rest

Okay so on Monday for Pday we decided to use the car and go up to this place called Falcon Rest. It's an old mansion that has been restored thanks to the assistance of George McGlothin and his wife. We actually were given a guided tour by George since no other tour guides were there, and it was great! It was essentially like going through the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, except it was a mansion, not an estate. It was built around the turn of 20th century but still in the 1800's so it had a lot of Victorian pieces. It was also haunted and I got a picture of two ghosts. It's just hard to tell. After that we went to try a few people and met a shut in family who were Braves fans, so Elder Barrus loved that.

Gardens at Falcon Rest (the fountain is original. Also from here you can see the entrance area.)

This is the haunted picture. If you don't like looking at ghosts, other than the ones at Disneyland you can just scroll past this. This was taken while we were waiting to enter at the front door of Falcon Rest.  While on the second floor, George told us that the middle window was famous because the mother in law of the man who built this home enjoys looking out that window. The man also is known to haunt the place too. (If you zoom in on the middle window, you should see two faces. Pretty creepy huh?)

The gardens around Falcon Rest. Kind of has a Great Gatsby feel to it.

Tuesday we went out to Woodbury area to try a few people. One of the families we met were really cool and they had a son who was preparing to serve a mission. We then had to drop the car off and walked down to go to an appointment. We then had a REALLY good dinner at the recent convert family, the Majors. Sister Major makes a seriously good lasagna. After that we saw Debra and answered a few of her questions.

Wednesday we had district meeting, and Elder Tracy forgot that he was supposed to train so that was fun--but he recovered. Elder McClain focused on getting rid of distractions which was good. After that we saw the Mathis's and then later went out teaching with Bro. Street but weren't able to contact anyone sadly.

Chickens!!  (In the hills of Woodbury)

Thursday we went over to the flea market to talk to our investigator there. Hard to tell how interested she is there but we are working with her. After that we saw our atheist friend and his fiancé. We got into a real good gospel conversation there but again it's also hard to tell if they're interested. After that we went with a member up to the legendary land of Smithville, a place my old companion, Elder Harrison, claimed was 40 miles away when in fact it was more like 15. Yeah. He was off a bit. Anyways, we found out 5 member records up there don't exist so that was fun. Other than that we contacted a referral and were able to schedule an appointment. It was also snowing/hailing/sleeting/raining that day so that was fun to walk in. We later tracted into a nice family we hope to be working more with.

Friday we had weekly planning which was kinda boring. We tried contacting a bunch of places but didn't have any luck. For dinner, we went over to the bishop's house and they made us a steak dinner which was awesome! Everything was really good. In the evening I went on a split with an elderly member and we saw Debra again. Turns out they had a lot in common. He talked for a while which is always fun.

Saturday we did a lot more walking and chatted with a nice elderly member. Her husband isn't a member and was having a hard time splitting wood. So guess what we are doing tomorrow? Yep. We also saw another less active family but we weren't able to figure out why they don't come to church.

Sunday Debra came to church and it was a pretty good Sunday again. I got to watch Willy so that his parents could attend the temple prep class. During third hour I took him to Primary because he enjoys singing time. His parents and non-member nephew were appreciative. We hope to start teaching him too! It was Elder Beckett's birthday so the bishop's wife surprised him with a big chocolate pie which was awesome.

Not much else happened this week. We've been trying to work hard and stay focused on teaching. We saw and taught about 15 people this week which was really good considering we've been averaging around 11 per week. I'm hoping things will continue to pick up. Especially since I don't have too much time left.

Talk to y'all next week!

Elder Peery

Clock and water tower in McMinnville

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