Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 101 in the Field!!! Birthday, Fishing, and Cinco de Mayo

 Me and Steed

So on Monday we went fishing near this dam in Columbia, TN. I took some pretty good photos and Elder Hinds struck out on fishing. I think that was the first day I was with him that he didn't catch anything.

James K. Polk home from the front

Anyways after that we went downtown to visit the James K. Polk home, which is basically one of the more famous things in the city. It's like the equivalent to Andrew Jackson's Heritage, except it was the home of Polk's parents and his childhood. It's the only standing home of President Polk. For those of you, like me, who don't really know a whole lot about President Polk, here's some interesting facts:

He ran for President in 1844 and served from 1845-1849 after serving as a lawyer and a congressman, I believe. He only served one term and died less than a year out of office in his 50's He was President during the war with Mexico and was present during the annexation of Texas as well as seeing the other states that came with that acquisition.  He is one of three US presidents from Tennessee (Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson are the other two), however he was born in North Carolina.

Polk home from the back

But yeah, we toured the house and had a pretty good experience. There wasn't too much there, but the museum was really fascinating. After the tour we went up to TSTAT (Thompson’s Station Ward) and hung out with the elders there just playing basketball.

Tuesday was my birthday and in the morning we got a call to help out this family move some pretty heavy stuff from their shed to the house and from a Penske truck to the shed. It was exhausting. After that we got a call from Elder Steed, my old companion in Eldorado, Illinois, who had finished his mission in October. He had come back to visit the mission this week so he took us out for blizzards at DQ. It was weird seeing him not as a missionary anymore. But cool none-theless. After that we had lunch at Olive Garden thanks to a gift card, and then we went down for a lesson with Zoey, which went well. After that we went over to the Maury County Park where a good chunk of the ward were there and threw me a surprise birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I appreciated everyone who did that for me.

Birthday party!

Wednesday we did not have district meeting because Hermana Hooker was sick, so we instead went out contacting people. We didn't have a whole lot of success but we did see a recent convert and later on we contacted some old investigators. We did go out to eat with the Zone Leaders again, which was fun.

Thursday we had district meeting since Hermana Hooker was better, and I trained on dropping and deleting investigators. Basically cleaning up the area book so that missionaries know who they need to go see, and who is on the back burner. We also had a mini party since it was Sister Crossley's birthday that day. So we celebrated hers and my birthdays. After that we went over to Zoey's again, and this was pretty cool. We had asked her on Tuesday to pray about who she wanted to baptize her out of the ward, and she ended up picking me. It'll be the first time I ever baptize someone which will be cool. I'm excited for it.

Friday we did some planning as well as some other things. We tried a few people and set up some appointments and then got a ride to Hampshire, TN where the bishop lives and we had dinner there. It's funny cause everyone is talking about and asking if I'm excited to go home. I wouldn't say excited, I would say ready. I feel ready to go home. I've done a lot on my mission and I'm excited for the last bit of it.

Saturday we had a Cinco de Mayo party at the park, which was a lot of fun. We had a lot of people come out to it. They had a giant slip and slide which was really tempting, and a lot of good barbecue. After the party we went to go help out a member with his yard. He later brought over one of his Mennonite friends who was cool to talk to.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so after church we got to Skype home. We had technical difficulties at the first house so then we just went to our place to Skype. It was kinda weird in my opinion, since I see most of my family in roughly 16 days so most of the time was spent talking about other things than the mission like what plans are for home. I'm looking forward to it. After that we went and gave a Hispanic lady a blessing. She didn't speak any English and the Hermanas kinda bailed on us, so it was interesting. I used whatever Spanish I knew and it was fun. We also found out that Zoey went to Columbia Ward's meetings, which are an hour after ours are so she is well on her way to getting baptized on May 21st.

Fishing by the dam in Columbia

Today we are up in Franklin, TN and I'm currently writing this while they are fishing again. I've kind of gotten burned out of fishing. It's okay every now and then, but like every week is getting ridiculous haha. 

Anyways, hope y'all are doing well and thank you again so much for all the birthday wishes.  It has meant so much to me.

Have a good week!

Elder Peery

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