Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 16 in the Field: Hurray for Hendersonville!

So this morning Elder Moeller made some pancakes, but we didn't have a smoke ventilation hood over the stove. So when one of the pancakes got burned, there was a lot of smoke in the air when I came out of the shower. When I opened the blinds I noticed that the smoke caused a pillar of light to enter the room. So naturally when you have a pillar of light in a room with two Mormon missionaries, you have to have some fun with it.  This is the result. It was a good experience because we got a small glimpse of what it might have been like to be in a pillar of light like Joseph Smith was in the Sacred Grove.

The second picture is representation of a first person view on what the First Vision may have been like. It was incredibly bright for sure.  What an amazing way to begin the day!


I am very tired as I'm writing this so I'll cut to the chase.

On Monday night, President Andersen emailed all of us saying that we need to hold a mission-wide fast. It would start Tuesday after dinner and go 24 hours after that. Miracles would proceed from the fast. I got to go on an exchange with a trainee named Elder Nimmer, who is the district leader's companion on Tuesday. We started tracting and found 3 new investigators in his area out of 5 doors -- which was great.

On Wednesday we went out with the bishop and he later told us in a meeting on Sunday how grateful he was for that opportunity. It was a lot of fun to go out with him and get to see what he does.

I made some delicious cookies from the cookie mix my mom sent me.  We didn't have a mixer so I used a spoon. Hard work paid off.  Elder Moeller didn't want any so I got the whole plate to myself.  Sweet!

Friday we had our church tour. It was super great. Our investigator's best friend happened to be a sister member of the Hendersonville Ward. She pretty much lead the tour, explaining what happens in Relief Society and other areas we were not familiar with. We ended the tour in the chapel. It was so surprising when she (the investigator) said that she really felt the Spirit there. When we asked that if she discovers for herself if the church is true that she be baptized and she agreed.  It was super awesome.

On Saturday we went to a bunch of members homes and taught small lessons and it was pretty crazy. We ended up teaching about 5 lessons. One of the people we happened to stop by was actually celebrating her birthday that day. It was really great to help her out with some things so she could have a great rest of the day.

Everything else is going well. We're headed to the temple this Wednesday. Sorry for the late post but I'm really tired right now.

Elder Peery

(Not sure if I sent this one or not) Elder Moeller with an adorable cat

Our Ward Mission Leader's dog, Myra (I think that's her name) who reminds me of my dog, Bear. She's also an overweight chihuahua.

At a dinner appointment last night, this little girl with the help of her cousin sang "Let it Go" from Frozen for us. They were so cute!

View of Gallatin/Hendersonville area.  It is really beautiful here.

Elder Moeller going in for some knee stuff. Brother Kindred is a doctor, and he's in the bishopric. He heard Elder Moeller has some knee problems so he helped him out a little. Elder Moeller's knee is still a little sore but he says it will take some time to see if the experiment worked.  Brother Kindred is basically doing some kind of scan showing the tendon (as seen on the monitor) while he injects something to help his knee. Not really sure about what all happened but we hope Elder Moeller will feel better in the next few days.

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  1. This is such an inspirational post. Thank you. Three investigators out of five tries. That is fabulous. Love the "Bear like doggie."