Monday, December 8, 2014

7th Month in the Mission Field!

Here I am with an African Serval. This one is only 5 months old,
but they can grow up to be 4 ft height wise.

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are doing well. Okay, now for the news of the week!

On Tuesday we got to go over to one of our investigators and we got into a conversation on how she doesn't let the JW's come in and talk with her but she lets us come in. When we asked her why she replied something along the lines of "I just feel your church is more accurate and true than anyone else's." We were stoked! She promised to come to church but one of her kids got sick.

Wednesday we got to go see a retired Santa Claus. He is 76 and has been Santa for about 30 years but had to hang up the suit for someone else due to health issues. He's probably one of the nicest men I have ever met. We showed him the new He is The Gift movie and he chuckled and smiled throughout the entire thing. It was so cool.

Later that night we went over to a member’s home who had an African Serval. The one I played with was only about 5 months old so not full grown yet, but still freakishly awesome. One of the little daughters in the home really liked me, and it was super cute to watch her draw love letters and pictures for me. I hung the biggest one up in my room.  Isn't this picture sweet?

Picture from the little girl

So African Servals are wild cats found in (obviously) Africa. This one family we had dinner with on Wednesday somehow had one and this is basically what one looks like at about 5 months old so still just a little baby. Servals can grow height wise up to about 4 feet and can jump up to 10 feet in the air. They mainly can jump that high to catch birds. This one apparently loved my watch. I have pictures of it holding on to me just to be near the thing but he also seemed to favor me more than the others, which was awesome. 

Here is a picture of Elder Hansen with the cat.

Below is a video which shows what happened, though, when I took off the watch. He's really soft and is surprisingly really good at letting you pet him anywhere vs most cats. Probably one of my most favorite cats I've ever met. This was really, really fun.

Friday we had a rough lesson with one of our investigators. He tries to use the bible against the church but basically just takes bits and pieces from certain chapters and throws it at us saying "Well what about (this)?" Without actually reading the entire chapter. The same chapter would easily disprove what he was accusing us of. It was very frustrating to see that he would refuse to listen to the Spirit and just has so much hate and confusion inside.

Saturday we had our Ward Christmas Party, which was loads of fun. The primary children all sang songs and the audience would also sing as well. Then certain members would represent the angels, the innkeeper, and Mary and Joseph and talk about the true meaning of Christmas. It was really, really fun and we had some good conversations with some members, too.

Ward Christmas Party set up

It was an all around good week and we are really excited to have met the Facebook requirements so we should be Facebook missionaries soon. That'll be fun.

We are doing well otherwise. Things have been improving. This week we are going to meet a General Authority of the Church who is a member of the Seventy which should be very exciting. At least two or three stakes of missionaries are going to be there so that's going to be really fun as well. We aren't sure what he's talking on but I will definitely include it in the next week letter.

Hope you all are doing well too!  Please keep in touch.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Elder Peery

Here is my contact information:
Elder Andrew Peery
Tennessee Nashville Mission
105 Westpark Drive, Suite 190
Brentwood, TN 37027

Me with a close up of the African Serval

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