Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 26 in the Field: Happy Thanksgiving!!

Week 26 in the Field:  Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Rock Castle. Not really sure what it is but it's from the 1800's
and was around there in the civil war.  

Their website says, “Welcome to the world of the 18th century viewed through the life of General Daniel Smith, surveyor, Revolutionary War hero, U.S. Senator, Indian Negotiator and original owner and builder of his family home: 
Historic Rock Castle!

Located on scenic Old Hickory Lake this 18 acre historic property offers much to explore. Join us for a tour of the Smith family home, experience the aromas of the herb garden, wander through the wooded nature trail, browse the Gift Shop and Visitor’s Center or enjoy a lakeside stroll.”


So this week was lots of fun!

It was off to a challenging start when we got the car back on Wednesday due to the fact that we had to drive some elders who were in our district 40 minutes in the opposite direction since they couldn't get a ride in time. While that killed a good chunk of our day, we still managed to teach a few people including a part member family we are now working with. I promised them that I would make them cookies on our next visit.

On Thursday we played in a turkey bowl with a different set of elders which was a lot of fun. I played QB and WR and had a lot of fun throwing touchdowns as well as making good plays. We were very exhausted when we got a call from our thanksgiving dinner appointment who was asking if we could go join them in playing football with their family. There were a lot of people at their game. Since the member we had dinner with was the sister of Dan Truman (Nashville Tribute and Diamond Rio rock star) he was there as was his sons. Two of which are also in the Nashville Tribute Band. Dan played QB and Elder Hansen had fun intercepting several passes which were to me but just a little short.

2. Thanksgiving set up. Dan Truman is in the khakis and blue shirt on the right.

The dinner was really awesome. Dan told us really amazing stories about his ancestry including a story about how one of his ancestors, who while bearing his testimony on the prophet Joseph Smith, felt prompted to state that "As I speak, the great man whom we have been talking about, is being killed by his enemies." This event occurred in the early evening on June 27, 1844 which was the day and time Joseph and his brother Hyrum were martyred. This is an insanely amazing story cause back then of course they had no means of getting information rapidly save by train and horse.

The dinner itself was great until I almost choked on an asparagus. Luckily everyone was watching the football game so I wasn't too noticeable.  Haha.

The rest of the week was about the same as usual and we ended up finishing out the week with 20 lessons which met the Facebook requirement goal. Our zone leaders called us to say congratulations followed by laying more stipulations on us which makes things take longer so we were very disappointed by that. But we are trying to face it like any other challenge.

In other news on November 30th I completed my cover to cover challenge of the Bible. It was very rough but it was a great feeling to know I was able to complete the whole thing in about 3 and a half months. I recommend it to anyone wanting to truly understand the bible. There's a lot of stuff in there that really specifies what we are supposed to do. The Book of Mormon is also a good help in clarifying the bible, too, I found out. When used together, both scriptures are great tools that help set the standards that we are supposed to live by.

Everything else is going great. No real complaints. Thank you for all the letters and pictures! I received one from the Herndon ward and was very happy to see everyone who signed the card. I miss you all and will be happy to communicate with all who write to me.

Elder Peery

3. Dale Earnhardt’s car in Hendersonville

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