Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 62 in the Field

Lunch with some familiar faces (from left to right: Elder Peery, Elder Porter, Elder Dobson, Elder Senatore, Elder Danielson, and Elder Dunn)

Hope you are doing well!

So on Monday we went down to Columbia to hang out with the Spring Hill missionaries, Elder Plant and Elder Chapman. They're pretty cool. We played basketball and tennis and other stuff. After that we had pizza with some members from the temple presidency who were really awesome. We then tracted into the property manager for the Church of the City which is a mega church in town. He invited us out to the church, which was nice.

The most haunted house in Spring Hill, TN. Built in 1844

Tuesday we met up with our newly baptized recent convert and helped fill out some paperwork. After that we tracted into a girl who is trying to figure out if God exists. She was super nice and fun. Trouble is school is starting soon so it will be hard to get in touch. After tracting some more we went out with a member family to a Louisiana style BBQ, and I got a really good melted brisket. We ended the night tracting some mansions.

Elder Nalder and Elder Bedwell planning sessions

Wednesday we did a lot of planning and then met up with the zone leaders. Elder Danielson came down with us, and Elder Bedwell went with Elder Porter. We went and contacted a bunch of random people that are no longer interested sadly. We also went to see an elderly black man who wanted to come to church. He reminds me a lot of the "Warriors of Christ" guy from Eldorado. We then tracted into a few people, and then visited with a member family. Also during the day there was a series of massive storms. There were many trees blown over, so while it was pouring, we helped members cut trees. It was pretty crazy.

Crazy rainstorm!

Thursday we did more service at The Well (Bishop Storehouse-like place) which was fun. We then got a call during lunch from a member. During the storm on the previous day, a members' trampoline and blown away. I found it after a few minutes. It was seven houses away from her house. We lifted the thing up and carried it back to her place. It was really badly damaged but she was grateful for the help. We then tried tracking down a ton of people who either were no longer interested or unavailable. We then tried tracting a few more people with not much success. And we ended the night trying to contact more people and cleaning out the car. Elder Danielson at the end of the exchange said that he understands that this will be a very stressful exchange for me, but he liked the way I faced my responsibilities as district leader.

Franklin Zone
Elder Peery is pictured 3rd from left in back row.
President and Sister Andersen are seated in the middle of the second row.

Friday at zone conference we received trainings from President, Elder Sheffield, Elder Morgan, Sister Andersen, and the office staff. Along with the stake president and a few others. I played the piano for it, which was pretty fun. 

I then got to talk to President about my situation in Thompson's Station. He encouraged me to keep working with my companions even if I'm not getting along with them. He also praised my piano playing. The closing hymn was Battle Hymn of the Republic. And he mentioned that no one else had played it with the emotion I had. That was cool. After that we switched back from the exchange and went to have dinner with some investigators. They said they believed in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and said they'd be baptized if they found out if the whole church was true which is cool.

Saturday we finished up planning and then received a call to help out a member move some stuff which was fun. We tried to get a 7 ft couch through a 6'5 doorway. Didn't work no matter how we tried. The hallway was too narrow. We then went over to the Church of the City to check it out. The guy who invited us wasn't there, but the service was pretty cool. It was kinda dark inside which was kinda weird. But it's whatever. We ended the night with some studies.

Sunday we were at church from 8:00am to about 4:30pm. We were doing a variety of things. From helping people get to church, setting up appointments, the works. It was very stressful. Good news is that we have a lot of fun things planned this week. I'm looking forward to them! I'm also going to be training again this week which should be fun.

Ya'll have a good week!

Elder Peery

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