Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 64 in the Field: T-Bone, Wasps on a Roof, and Baby Goats?

Outside the Temple ~ The Thompson's Station District:
(from left to right: Elder Bedwell, Elder Peery, Elder Porter, Elder Nalder,
Elder Danielson, Sister Kohler, and Sister Halbeison)

What's up ya'll!

On Monday we hung out with the Spring Hill elders again at their place and had some fun. Not too much happened but we were able to play some stuff and I got to get some new guitar tabs for musical numbers that I could play in the future, provided I have a guitar. In the evening we went over to a TS2 (Thompson’s Station 2nd Ward) family and began implementing the new Ward Mission Plan. They were awesome and wrote down some goals they will be working on.

Tuesdaywas dropped off with the fellowshipper of our recent convert, and we went over the priesthood with him and some of the responsibilities that come with it. I gained a lot of insights about why we have the priesthood from the fellowshipping member. He was awesome. We then met back and proceeded to go about our day. We saw a couple people and then went home for dinner. On the way back from dinner at our apartment was when the magic happened.

One of my two companions was driving up to the most dangerous intersection in the entire city of Spring Hill and some of the surrounding areas. It's a four way intersection of Duplex and Port Royal Rd. On the Duplex side, there is a hill that you can't see over – so any cars coming over that hill can't see anyone crossing the intersection. And since I'm hyping about this you can probably guess that we got caught in the middle of the intersection. My companion went too early, and we T-boned another car. It wasn't super bad, but it shook us up pretty bad. For me I've only had a series of headaches every now and then. It's annoying, but I'm sure it will pass.

Damage to our car from the wreck

Wednesday we were able to drive our poor car to Franklin where we had district meeting. I had Sister Kohler, my MTC buddy, train on companion unity, which was good. I trained on being yourself with everything going around the motto, "Be you, but be a better you." It was pretty good. After that we went home and I had to help the companion who wrecked the car fill out some paperwork. It took a long process. Don't ever get in accidents ‘cause that's what happens. We also got to see one of the more promising people in the area--Except she has some mental issues which means she can't comprehend basic gospel principles yet.

Wednesday night we drove over to a young couple from TS2 who live on the outskirts of our area. It was very much like driving in Eldorado again. They had a small farm with two Pyrenees puppies, at least 6-8 goats, chickens, and a white horse. We got to feed the goats, and I played with the puppies who are probably going to be bears when they get older. They are huge.

Mr. Tumnus, a baby goat. Super adorable.

Thursday we had to complete even more paper work for the car. It was very irritating. But at least we had the Well again. Totally forgot to take pictures again. After paperwork and stuff we went over to a family’s home for dinner and then got to go to a not so recent convert's house to hang out with him. He told us this amazing story about how he accepted the gospel. It was really cool how church tours helped as well as people being so prepared. He's been loving the gospel ever since, and we encouraged him to keep going to the temple.

Hanging out with a TS2 not so recent convert

Friday we went over to the TS1 WML (Thompson’s Station 1st Ward’s Ward Mission Leader’s) house and helped his wife and son take off shutters from their house, which will be repainted. It was actually fun climbing on the roof but not so fun with all the wasp nests. We were able to work around them. It was fun.

Chilling on the roof.

After that we met up with the TS1 recent convert and talked to him about his question on magic. Basically unless it's David Copperfield or Magic the Gathering, stay away from it. To quote President James E. Faust (2nd Counselor in the First Presidency till about 2007) "Like playing with fire, it is too easy to get burned". After that we had planning, dinner, and that was about it.

Saturday Elder Bedwell was taken by the A.P.s (Assistants to the President),  because one of them was going to a wedding and the other needed a companion. He enjoyed his time there. Meanwhile Elder Nalder and I were working on helping a family move some furniture. They were really grateful and even gave us ice cream. We tried to visit a bunch of other people afterwards, tracted in the rain, and got dropped by a few people. We ended the night after having dinner with a TS2 family and chatting with another TS2 family whose husband works on aircrafts.

Sunday was exhausting. I felt sick during 2nd Ward. My head was spinning a bit, but we got through. After meetings we went over to the TS1 bishop's house, where we met up with the TS1 convert and went over the priesthood a bit more. The bishop's oldest daughter who's a junior led the discussion and did a very good job. She focused a lot out of Preach My Gospel, which was cool. At the end he said he is excited to receive the priesthood.

With the TS1 recent convert and the TS1 Bishop's family

Today we are hanging onto the car to take it into the shop. We still haven't gotten the OK yet, but hopefully we will get it fixed soon. Also hopefully things will be better. We are working hard and know there will be some blessings from it.

Please keep us in your prayers. Have a good week.

Elder Peery

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