Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 68 in the Field!

At the Loveless Cafe near Nashville with a TS2 member family

What's up friends and family!

This week was a blast.

On Monday we went to the Loveless Cafe over in Nashville with a TS2 member family and it was really awesome. But it was kind of strange because apparently it's such a big thing there, but there's nothing really too special about it other then a bunch of country artists go there. However the biscuits were awesome. They had this awesome blackberry jam that was absolutely stunning. Other than that it was pretty much nothing much else. The place was built in the 1950s, converted to a hotel sometime later, and then finally renovated to just the cafe and some shops nearby--still cool though.

The Loveless Cafe on the outside

After that we went down to Columbia via the Natchez Trace road which apparently is historic because it was a trade route from here to Mississippi. Very similar to the Blue Ridge Mountain Trail in Asheville. After some fun times in Columbia we drove up and had dinner with an awesome TS2 family. We called it after striking out.

Tuesday we cleaned our entire apartment. We then went out to try a bunch of people, struck out, and then went to have dinner with a TS2 family. Their son had recently busted his arm during work, so we went to get him a sling at Walgreens. We had Indian food which was fun. The only thing I couldn't really handle was the coconut okra. For some reason the only foods on my mission that I haven't really enjoyed were coconut and soda. After dinner we dropped off a Book of Mormon at one of the places we tracted and then went on a split with a member. Elder Powell and I went to go try some people and Elder Bedwell went with a member from TS1 to go try some people.

Wednesday was a lot of the same stuff. Except we got to contact an investigator who works nights. She studies things a little slower, which is good. We tried a few others and then had dinner at a TS1 family's home. Later on we went over to this one guy's home who was super cool. Really friendly. He had memorized Psalms 23 which is "The Lord is my Shepherd" one. He talked about making scriptures important to us which was cool. We ended the night playing volleyball with some members of 1st Ward.

Thursday we went down to Columbia for zone meeting. I was able to be a part of a leadership council for the first time which was a lot of fun. Zone meeting was a lot more inspiring because of it. After that we saw a couple people, had dinner with a TS1 family and ended the night.

Friday we did some planning at the church and then went to try a bunch of people. Not too much luck but we were able to see a less active family. We then had dinner at our place and tried to see some people afterwards.

Saturday was very busy. We went on a split with the TS2 WML's son. I took him to see a few member families (including his own). I also took him tracting which was fun. He had a great experience and wanted to study with us sometime later. We went to go see another less active family and ended the night at a bonfire with some TS2 families.

Sunday was the same for the most part. Except TS1 had a linger longer after church which we attended. It was handy cause we normally don't get lunch in between wards.

TS1 Linger longer (basically an event after church where people bring a lot of food for everyone. Happens occasionally)

TS2 had their primary program which was adorable as usual. We ended the day at a member's home having dinner and helping them move a fridge. They had some awesomely trained dogs.

Next week we will be heading to the Carter House which I am super stoked for. I can't wait. We will talk to y'all next week!

Elder Peery

Only the best missionaries buy light sabers

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