Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 69 in the Field

Hey everyone!

So we did a load of cool stuff today and pictures will definitely be included in next week's update, but for now here's this week!

On Monday we stayed around the church for the most part. Playing the usual basketball, dodge ball, etc. Nothing too major. In the evening we went over to a place that Elder Powell and Bedwell tracted out while I was on splits and got dropped by the investigator.

Tuesday we were on foot once again and went over to the neighboring area where we went to go contact some people. With some inspiration we went to go see our recent convert and he was super fun to talk to. If you get the guy going on comics it's a fun time. We contacted a few other families and found some new people. For dinner we went over to a TS1 family in some nearby apartments and afterwards went on a split with a member. Elder Powell and I tried contacting some other people near the church.

Wednesday we had district meeting and I had Elder Powell train on following the Spirit. He had Sister Kohler walk through an obstacle course filled with chairs, tables, and other things with Elder Bedwell trying to guide her and the rest of us throwing her off. I trained on testifying with your companion and working in unity. I thought it went okay. After that we had pizza, and I instantly didn't feel so good. Sure enough I came down with something that really messed me up the rest of the week. We stop by to see three less active families. One of the families' mom used to work at Disneyland which is one of my places that I want to work at. So we had a good time talking about what it's like. The other one was related to one of the members that was in Hendersonville, so we had a good time connecting.  In the evening we had a call it cause I started feeling sick.

Thursday we went over to the other side of the city and contacted a few people. However I felt totally awful. It started shortly after we went to The Well with our recent convert. We worked there for two hours and then went over to Sonic. But all along the way I felt terrible. We got about half a mile away from sonic and then I started having to use the bathroom. This. Went on for a while but I was able to still tract out a few people. We went home after that. And after we had dinner with the TS1 member we called it a day.

Friday I still felt awful, but we went over to help a lady move into her new house after read had weekly planning. She didn't have too much stuff so the move went pretty quickly. She was so happy to be moving out of the projects. Unfortunately we miscalculated how much time we had and were left in our service clothes on the opposite side of town without a ride. Thankfully the people at fed us dinner were kind enough to let us stay in our regular clothes.

Saturday was a lot of the same but at least it was passing through quickly. We finished helping the lady move some last things. And finally went over to try some other people near the church. After striking out and getting rained on, we went over to our dinner appointment at the home of a TS2 member. After dinner we went to go try one of our investigators who was watching the Pope give a speech at the worldwide family conference in Philadelphia, PA. So we got to see a little bit of that.  Ironically after that we went to go to the church where we watched the last bit of Women's Session of General Conference where we got to see a living apostle speak which was cool. I enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk because it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon.

Second Nephi chapter 5 verse 27 reads "and it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness". Happiness isn't something you can catch. It's not an on-off switch. It is a pursuit. One of our three unalienable rights given in the Declaration of Independence is the pursuit of happiness. The best way to live happily is to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the only way to be happy eternally.

Sunday was very tiring. Especially cause I was sick. But I was grateful for the awesome testimonies and help throughout the day. What was really really cool was a member came up to us saying that her daughter wanted to be baptized and asked us to teach her about the church. We were more than happy to agree. We should be seeing them this week. We had dinner at the TS1 bishop's home and they asked me to play guitar for the Campout this Friday, which should be cool. I plan on playing a rendition of "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" mixed with "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go." Maybe someone will record it. I was given a guitar to practice so I am very happy now.

Honestly things couldn't be much better. I love my companions, they are like my two younger brothers. Life couldn't be much better. Hope y'all are having a great week too!

Elder Peery

So I didn't really take too many pictures this week actually. None in fact. So today I decided to go take some pictures around the church.  Enjoy!

Elder Bedwell emailing

Elder Powell and his dog back home

Elder Powell jazzing up hymns


  1. Thanks for bringing us up to date, Andrew. Hope you feel better this week! (Drink lots of water - it'll help you feel better faster)

  2. Thanks for bringing us up to date, Andrew. Hope you feel better this week! (Drink lots of water - it'll help you feel better faster)