Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 71 in the Field

So no real pictures were taken this week save one. I will send more when I can. Here's the only one right now.  
Me and my winter coat. As you can see by the thermometer, it's a good thing I got it.  And yes that's not a legit smile.

What's up?  This week was kind of interesting. And a lot of things were going on.

Monday all we basically did was go down to Columbia. The missionaries in Spring Hill had to go give someone a blessing. It was kind of depressing, but important, because it was for a person who was dying. After lunch went to their church and played various activities. In the evening we went to go have dinner with a TS1 family. They were kind, and it was a great time.

Tuesday we walked over to a less active's home and checked on their elderly parents. Their dogs were really happy to see us because it was kind of hard for them to get attention. After that we walked over to the library to return the wifi hotspot that we had borrowed. While we were over there we tried a few people and went tracting, but we didn't have any luck. In the evening we went on two exchanges where one of us went with one member and the other one with another. It worked out okay but neither exchange had much success. Whoever wasn't going on exchange was helping me get contacts from our old phone to our new phone. In the evening I got sick which wasn't fun.

Wednesday was stressful. We were supposed to get to Franklin, but we were without a ride. The car was in the body shop but was supposed to be done by that point. Around noon, Spring Hill elders were notified it was ready, so they drove it up here, we drove them back, and then we continued on up to Franklin for interviews at 4:30 p.m.. The district meeting/interviews went over pretty well. I had Elder Loveless train on daily contact and then I trained on diligence. I used the Battle of Franklin story as my background for the story with the idea of "Don't get caught sleeping on the battlefield cause you might just lose the war." 

During my interview with President Andersen, he asked me a couple questions about how I'm doing and other things. I got my answer about going up to Eldorado. He told me to pray about it and that it was my decision. I was also unable to determine based on that interview whether or not I'll be transferred this next transfer. So that'll be interesting.

Thursday Elder Bedwell and I went on exchange with Elder Porter in Spring Hill while Elder Powell went up to Franklin. We essentially did a ton of contacting and tracting and found a few new people which is always good. One of the new people that we met  was a police officer, who was trying to find a better life. We invited him out to a Bible Study and we hope to see him next week. I also went on exchange with a member to try some people but without much luck. Hopefully things will be better next time.

Friday we switched back and after doing some weekly planning, I got sick. This has been my sickest two transfers which stink. Hopefully things will get better.

Saturday was fun but no one answered to us. We got a call to go help some less active's plant some trees which was fun. After that we had dinner with the second counselor in he bishopric for TS1 and had amazing chicken and rice tacos. It was sweet. After that we tried one of our investigators, but instead met his wife and had a great conversation with her about her dogs. They were super nice and wanted us to come back next week.

Sunday was a blur for the most part. We had Ward Council both wards. During second Ward the less actives we helped out came to church. We were happy to see them and I gave them a tour of the church. The son wasn't too thrilled about church; he mainly came to show his appreciation for the help. I guess we will just keep helping then! In the evening after a dinner with TS2 members, we called it.

This Saturday we find out transfer info. I don't know what's going to happen, but President tipped we are probably going to be there. I'm excited for something new, but sad to be losing one of
these guys or both. We'll see what happens.

Talk to you next week.
Elder Peery

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