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Week 73 in the Field: Back to the Future? NO! Back to Smith Springs!!!

 Tracting with my new companion, Elder Ihler!

Loads of stuff happened this week.

So Monday we all got packed and headed to the church for three hours of dodge ball (until one kid got hit in the face) and eventually basketball. It was the last time we'd all be together,  so it was kind of sad. In the evening we had dinner with the Shirk's (the family that took us to the Carter House and Carnton Plantation). It was sad to say goodbye to them ‘cause they were a really awesome family in that ward.

Pday crew

Later on we said goodbye to the Krewson's (family from Herndon Ward) which was also sad. To top it all off, we had to say goodbye to the growing YSA group.

Saying goodbye to the Krewson's

Tuesday morning we were picked up by Riley Bria, who is a semi famous guy who went on American Idol, and he took us to transfers. He is still thinking about a mission so it was a good experience for him. It was sad seeing all the departing missionaries go. My former companion Elder Steed also went home this transfer.

Elder Steed's parting advice

For his parting advice he got up there, waited about 40-50 seconds in silence before saying, "Embrace the awkward silence." And then walked off. It was funny, but sad cause that would be one of the last jokes I would hear for a good while from him.

Departing missionaries

What broke the sadness was what was going on for transfers. I watched as they announced the different missionaries going to the different zones/stake. Each stake passed by and only Nashville and Paducah were left. So I figured "I'm probably not going back to Nashville, but it would be nice." Sure enough, they announced that I'd be serving with Elder Ihler in.... SMITH SPRINGS A!!! I was going back to my first area!! I could not sit still for the remainder of the meeting. I was so stoked to head back after so long away. I couldn't believe it. It was so cool!

New companion, Elder Ihler!  He is from Malad, Idaho.

Elder Ihler has been out for about three months, so I'm his second companion or "greenie buster". The second companion usually is the make it or break it moment for a greenie, so this is an awesome responsibility.

We got back to our place thanks to a member named David who was supposed to get the Melchizedek priesthood on Sunday. After unpacking a bit, we hit the road and started tracting. We then had dinner at a member’s home and got to go to their neighbor's. That family is so missionary-minded it's awesome. After that we did some shopping and went home.

Wednesday for district meeting I got to meet everyone in the district. Elder Sheffield (the former AP) is the district leader and he has two companions: Elder Nielsen (he's been out as long as I have, but is a Spanish missionary) and Elder Sargent (who has been out for about three months as well but is still training). The only other missionaries are the Hermanas: Hooker and Levitre. It's a pretty solid district altogether.

After district meeting, we went to go try this lady named Saron. She didn't understand the purpose or even what was the Book of Mormon, so we explained it. Not only did she accept it, but she committed herself to read the entire chapter of 1st Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

Dinner with the Elson's

In the evening, we had dinner with the Elsons. David Elson was my recent convert who was baptized on August 9th, 2014. So it was awesome to get to see them. In the evening we went over to the church to use the bathroom, and I ran into Bro. Mortensen (the nice guy who recorded an album last year for my trainer, Elder Leavitt and me). He told me he wanted to work on a version of I Stand All Amazed with me on backup so I told him I was down. We also ran into Bro. Clark who was happy to see me.

Thursday we taught a ton of people. Like loads. We went tracting for a few hours and were able to find like 5 new investigators and teach like 8 people. Elder Ihler is pretty diligent, but he's also smart and works inspired. He wants to improve and work hard. It's awesome. We even got a new investigator, just by chasing down a cat! In the evening, we had dinner with David and he told us how happy he was to have us here for Thanksgiving. He's planning on making something big.

Absolutely crazy chihuahua we tracted into

Friday morning we went over to the church for some weekly planning. After that we went over to Saron's again with Bro. Clark. She didn't see the purpose of being baptized and just kind of talked a lot, so we said we'd be back another time. In the evening we played basketball with a bunch of guys. It wasn't easy since Providencia Ward had been there before we got there and so we had to wait for them to finish up.

Saturday morning Bro. Inscho and Bro. Kessel took us over to clean the church. Bro. Kessel (the elderly man we used to mow the lawn for) is now in a wheel chair and lives in a retirement home. Both remembered me and took us out to Golden Corral afterwards. I've decided that place is probably my favorite buffet restaurant. Later on David picked us up and we went to DQ. He had a question on who Korihor was in the Book of Mormon, so we showed him the video "All Things Denote There is a God" on It basically talks about how an antichrist went up against a prophet and got beat pretty bad. But it's also a great story in general. Here is the link:  
Take a look at it.  Let me know if you have questions.  

In the evening we went to the church for the chili cook-off/trunk or treat. It was awesome. So many people recognized me and were happy to see me. After that we played basketball with a very cocky 14 year old.  Fun!

Sunday was weird. And crazy. At church there were so many different faces and not that many people. I was told a lot were missing. However, several people were happy to have me back.
Nashville Tribute Band concert

David was unable to receive the Melchizedek priesthood at church because no one from the stake was present. He was sad about that. After church we had an early dinner with the Clarks and then went off to Green Hills with David to see the Nashville Tribute Band perform their album Redeemer. It was sooo awesome. Once again I got to see a lot of familiar faces. Some of them actually remembered me which was awesome. The show was great and cheered David up. Also the stake president was there and agreed to give him the Melchizedek priesthood the next day which will be awesome.

It's so good to be back in Nashville. The entire week has been one giant welcome home party.

I am so happy here and I can't wait for the work to improve here. It'll be awesome. Tonight we are having dinner with President and Sister Andersen and then going on exchanges with him. I'm looking forward to it. I'll talk to you later!

Elder Peery

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Thanks for all your prayers and support.  

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