Monday, November 2, 2015

New and Improved with photos! Week 74 in the Field!

 Practicing for the new album

Lots to cover, not too much time.

So Monday we went over to the YMCA in Brentwood area and played racquetball and wallyball with President Andersen and the AP's. It was really competitive, so it was a lot of fun. After that we went over to the mission home, a place I hadn't been since I came to the mission, and had dinner with all of them and Providencia elders. After that, President came on exchange with us. The first place we tried was Ashley, a really awesome lady who's married to a returning member. She wants to be baptized, so it was cool taking President over.

After that, we went to the church to participate in giving David the Melchizedek Priesthood with the stake president and the new ward mission leader. After that we saw one more person, Melvin, and committed him to come to church. President had a great experience and appreciated our efforts. It was cool getting to know him a bit more, too.

Tuesday we got a call from an elderly member wanting us to clean his car. It was really nasty. I did most of the seat cleaning and it was just really gross. I won't let you know the details. After we did that, he wanted us to download gospel library and the LDS music app onto his iPad. Turns out that he hadn't created an iTunes account, so we had to go through a very annoying and long process of creating that, forgetting his password, resetting the password, verifying the account, downloading the apps, and finally setting everything up. Took about an hour. Meanwhile, Elder Ihler was getting attacked by fleas, as was I. We had to bomb our apartment when we got back. We were kind of frustrated.

Elder Ihler, Elder Sheffield, and Elder Nielsen

Wednesday I trained on the Book of Mormon and used Jenga blocks as a visual of how the Book of Mormon holds the entire church together. If the Book of Mormon isn't true, it's the same thing as taking an entire level away from the tower which naturally causes it to collapse. It was cool. The zone leaders and the AP's were present as well which was interesting. After district meeting, we tried to contact a ton of people but didn't have much luck.

Thursday we got a call from Tim Gates (member of the band Due West and Nashville Tribute Band) asking us to help him move a member from the projects to the same elderly member's home. Thus began a very big undertaking. Bro. Gates picked us up and we went off to the east Nashville projects which was kinda scary. Lot of crazy people. The guy we were moving hadn't even started packing, so the majority of the move was a "trash or take" style. It was cool to hang out with Tim Gates, but most of the place was nasty. A few hours later, we rolled into the elderly member's home and began unloading. Sure enough, we got fleas again. Tim was grateful for the help and we were grateful to be out of there.

Timmy and the talking deer

In the evening we went over to see Timmy, which he was excited about. He showed us his talking and singing deer head which was funny.  Here is a video that will introduce you to them.  You may have to cut and past the link, but it's worth it!

Friday after weekly planning we went to contact a bunch of people. Didn't have too much success until the evening. Our new ward mission leader, Bro. Naylor, came out with us in the evening, and he helped us teach a ton of people. It was awesome. One of them, Melvin, again agreed to come to church, as did the other two people we went to see that night. We also got haircuts at a member's home, which was cool.

Saturday morning, Bro. Inscho and Bro. Kessel took us out for breakfast at a really awesome gas station-looking eating place thing. During breakfast, they asked us if we had any service this week which we laughed about... And then we remembered we were supposed to help move someone that day. Hurrying home, we were able to get a lift where we moved a member family around the corner. Took several hours, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. In the evening we had dinner with one of the members in the bishopric which was fun. Sis. Hansen, one of the sister missionaries in the ward, was also there because she was sick and her companion was on splits with a member. She's still kind of new, but it was cool getting to know her a bit more. The sister missionaries work my old area on the other side of the 24, so I try to give them as many names as I can of people I taught.

For Halloween we had a pretty boring experience. We had to be in our apartment by 6 p.m..  Didn't even carve pumpkins this year. All we did was sat inside after six and watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas and The Mountain of the Lord. Both of which are fantastic movies. Ihler hadn't seen either, so that was a cool experience. One member was kind enough to give us two small buckets of candy but that was about as much as we got. (My mom sent us Mrs. Fields Halloween cookies).  It was cool.

Sunday Elder Ihler bore his testimony during sacrament meeting. I taught gospel principles, which was entertaining. Although there were about 20-30 people there, only like 5 of them gave insights to what I was talking about. Rough crowd for sure. After church, we went contacting a bunch of people. One of the guys we met with had this really crazy experience where he was saved by a spiritual being from a drunk driving accident. I also had a good discussion with an atheist who was big into science proving truth. His main argument for not believing in God was because the Bible has so many contradictions and mistranslations and also the element of faith being so overreaching. 

He was surprised when he found out that our church believes that many parts of the bible had been mistranslated and that we had a record to back up many truths found in the bible to show which parts were true, and which ones were not. He wasn't interested in learning more, sadly, but it was still cool to kind of plant that thought of the possibility of there being a true religion on the earth.

Today we plan to head on down to the Country Music Hall of Fame. I'm soooo stoked. Even though I'm not huge into country (it's growing on me), I do appreciate music and the history of it in general, so this will be a cool experience. Later on we plan to head down again to the Hard Rock Café, which will also be awesome. I've been working on the guitar more -- thanks to Brother Mortensen, and should be recording a new album sometime soon. However, we need to get one of the strings fixed first. It will be sad not having Elder Leavitt here singing with me, but I guess my voice will have to do.

Talk to you guys next week!
Elder Peery

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