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Week 81 in the Field: Wishing You a Cool Merry Christmas!!!

Companionship Christmas picture from the Nativity

Alrighty then. Here's the week.

Monday we really didn't do anything honestly. Just kind of chilled at the apartment and I worked on some guitar stuff. Nothing really to report there.
Working on the member's floor

Tuesday we went over to a member's home where we worked on fixing up their house. So a few weeks ago we went there and helped out and discovered that an unusable chimney was weighing the whole thing down, so we destroyed it (Sorry Santa). That helped, but the problem wasn't totally fixed, so we ripped up the floor boards and discovered termites and ants. After fixing that, we used a jack to lift up the floor which helped dramatically to level the house which was good. That took awhile so that was mostly what we did that day.

Wednesday we biked over to the sisters to pick up the car, but unfortunately I had either eaten something funny or over worked the bike ride, but I got sick so we had to stay inside and make calls instead. Very uneventful.
Performing the WW1 Presentation at the McMinnville Rotary Club

Thursday I was up and rolling. We first went over to a meeting called the Rotary club. Still not 100% on what that is.

(Insert from Elder Peery's mom:  Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated human rights purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. It is a secular organization open to all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or political preference. There are 34,282 member clubs worldwide. 1.2 million individuals called Rotarians have joined these clubs.[1]
Rotarians usually gather weekly for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to fulfill their first guiding principle to develop friendships as an opportunity for service. "It is the duty of all Rotarians," states their Manual of Procedure[2], "outside their clubs, to be active as individuals in as many legally constituted groups and organizations as possible to promote, not only in words but through exemplary dedication, awareness of the dignity of all people and the respect of the consequent human rights of the individual." The Rotarian's primary motto is "Service Above Self"; its secondary motto is "One profits most who serves best.")

At the Rotary Club, we performed a WW1 presentation there with some other members. The presentation involved singing carols, other hymns, and the narrating of the story of the Christmas truce of WW1 where British and German soldiers played, sang, ate, prayed, and gave gifts to each other during the Christmas of 1914--basically to show that peace was possible even on a battlefield. It was very cool. We also saw a lot more of our people that day. We've been showing the new Christmas video the Church put out called A Savior is Born and it's pretty cool. It brought some of our investigators to tears, which was super cool. Here is the link so you can watch it, too:
After that we had dinner at a pizza joint and went contacting some more.

Friday we had some planning and then we went off to Tullahoma. It was cool to see President and Sister Andersen again. President appreciated that I had come to terms with leaving Smith Springs (still not 100% there but close). We also talked about other stuff too. I also trained at this district meeting on working with less active's and bringing them back to church by giving them a vision. It was cool.

Saturday we were on foot and were only able to see one family but it was good. We shared the Christmas message and then left. We walked up to the Walmart so that we could rest a bit and then caught a ride back from a member.

Sunday during sacrament meeting, I played my rendition of "What Child is This?" And apparently it went over really well. I got loads and loads of compliments. So much so that people asked for my home address to write my parents saying how good it was. It was fun. During church the youth invited us to a brunch with them which was awesome, but then we found out we had lunch at a Samoan family's home. They had a bucket of fried chicken, loads of other stuff, and basically by the end, we were so stuffed that we had to suppress laughing when they said "Do you want anything else?" After that we rolled ourselves home and then went to try some people but no doors opened.

I'm excited for 2016 but definitely excited for Christmas. This is my last Christmas as a missionary, so it's bittersweet. I wish I was spending it in Nashville, but McMinnville's a good town, too. I hope you all have a good time with your friends and family. I can't wait to talk to my family this week. We will talk to you next week!

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