Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 82 in the Field: Christmas Week!

 Christmas time!

So not much happened here due to Christmas, so this will be a pretty short letter.

Monday we really didn't do anything. Just kinda chilled. We later went out to go see our insomniac investigator and set up a time to go see them the next day.

Tuesday all our appointments cancelled and nothing really happened. Fun fun.

Wednesday for district meeting Hermana James trained on Chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel which focuses on mainly how to start out teaching and some other useful tips. Elder Catherall then basically trained on Christmas by having each of us bear our testimonies about Christ. It was a very spiritual meeting and I noticed for the first time that I was the oldest missionary in the room at that time which was weird. In the afternoon, we tried a bunch of people but again, no luck. At least we had the bishop take us out for dinner at the local China Wok which was fantastic. Will revisit in the future.


Thursday we were again unable to see anyone after trying a ton of people, but at least we were able to have a good time at the Ward Mission Leader's home. The Caten's invited us to come over and spend Christmas with their family and another family. During the party, Santa came, they did a live Nativity, and I performed my musical number again. It was a lot better than when I did it in church last Sunday.

Live Nativity (narrated by the missionaries)

On Friday we got up and opened presents. I was grateful for all who sent or are in the process of sending mail to me. It was awesome to see a lot of familiar faces. We also got to skype our parents which was cool. After that we didn't do too much until the Shoemaker's came. We had dinner with them which was fun.

Our Christmas tree. A blanket over a coat rack with lights and a squirrel on the top.

Saturday we tried a bunch of people but struck out yet again, until the evening when we finally got to see one of our investigators and see how her Christmas was. We invited her out for the New Years party, and that was about all that happened that day. It was also pouring down rain most of this week which was fun.

Spring Castle at Rock Island State Park

Sunday one of our members was giving his missionary farewell talk, but that was about all the highlights that happened then. After church we went up to Rock Island to see the Pennington's and the Hennessee's for lunch. We had a mini jam session in the basement and it was fun to shred on an electric again. After that we drove up to the State Park there since it was on the way to a member's home. There were a lot of waterfalls, so that was cool.

Today we aren't doing much again. It's kind of a boring area for Pdays, but we are hoping to go exploring next month. Should be fun. Anyways that's about all that's going on this past week. Wish you all the best and hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a have a happy new year!

Elder Peery

Little hidden gem we found while tracting

Great Falls and Dam at Rock Island State Park

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