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Week 5 in the Field: Please pray for us. This week was really hard.

Sooo I'm not going to sugar coat it. This week was really hard. Not just for me but for everyone in the district.

On Tuesday my companion, Elder Leavitt, being a district leader, went to a leadership training meeting where an area authority gave a jaw dropping training on leadership. According to him it was the best training he had ever seen. What did I do? Tracting. 4 hours of tracting from about noon till 4 o'clock in record high temperatures for Tennessee. It was miserable, but we did not complain. I was among a tri-panionship consisting of Elder Peterson, a blonde Elder Calhoun type guy who was not afraid of anything or anyone, and Elder Brown, one of my good friends from the MTC whose picture is in one of my blog entries.  He is a super awesome guy, and I would love to be paired up with him. But yeah the entire day for me was pretty tiring being outside in 105+ weather.

Wednesday was no better. After district meeting we went to teach this Christian who "has found her Israelite/Hebrew roots." So basically she was a Jewish Christian. Her question was why we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday versus Saturday. My companion had gone off on his own and had collected scriptures from the New Testament on how the Apostles broke bread on the first day of the week relating that to the Sabbath. She would tear each scripture apart by showing what those scriptures really meant as shown in the Old Testament. The two would go at it for about an hour with me staying out of the scramble. I felt the Spirit leave the room as the argument continued.

On Friday, my companion wanted to speak with the other area in our district who have been struggling greatly this transfer. I have never seen a room more filled with depression on my mission than in that room. These two sets of missionaries were so defeated that they could barely answer questions on why the area wasn't doing well. My companion and I explained the purposes of having a good attitude and how it can affect not just the area, but the missionaries. Whatever we said may have helped because both sets had investigators at church that Sunday.

Center for Visual Arts -- in Nashville

The missionaries in my district have said such wonderful things about me which I have written down in case I ever get depressed. Here are a few examples:

Elder Leavitt-

  • Better than Robin (Elder Peery calls Elder Leavitt Batman)
  • Literally prayed for your music talent, you answered his prayer
  • An anomaly he was not expecting, but you are exactly what Elder Leavitt needs
  • Example of diligence
  • Christ like love
  • Keep the Greenie fire

Sister Ellis-
  • Super humble
  • Ready to be here and do missionary work
  • Admire that you want to improve and be the best that you can
  • You have an amazing potential to be soooooo great

Sister Daines-
  • You know what is right! Be yourself.
  • Future batman
  • Good teaching skills able to know what to do despite your newness

Elder Perry-

  • Reminds Elder Perry of himself when he first entered the mission field
  • Continue to work hard and be diligent

Elder Perry and Elder Moeller on the bus.

Elder Moeller-
  • Amazing desire to learn and to improve yourself and how you do something
  • Not afraid to share what you learned or to speak your mind

Sister Larsen-
  • You make Sis. Larsen happy.
  • Child like faith
  • The most amazing faith for being so new, you just want to do things for the Lord.
  • Willing to be thrown into any situation

Sister Cotton-
  • Doesn't hide your talents, you are called to use your talents and you use them.
  • You want to improve
  • Takes calling seriously
  • Let the Savior be the only person you want to emulate.

The 4th of July was pretty sweet even though we didn't really do anything. We walked around downtown for a bit and I took a lot of pictures. 

Here is a picture of the Chet Atkins statue in downtown Nashville.

More from 4th of July in Nashville

The first firework I saw though was a misfire that happened on Saturday. We were inside before any of the huge shows happened which is a shame since Nashville is credited as the second best firework show in the nation. But while walking downtown we had our fair share of mockery from soap box preachers who get paid for condemning people. Gotta love it.

At church, Sister Cotton and Sister Larsen had an investigator who had been attending church for about 4 months straight. The bishop walked up to her and jokingly asked "Sister Lee? When are you getting baptized?" Surprisingly she said "Today!" And he said "Sweet! We'll make it happen!" The ward was launched into a happiness overload. The sisters were so happy that they couldn't contain themselves. They had to run around the building just to get control. The bishop announced the baptism during sacrament meeting. It was probably one of the first times there would be a baptism asked, interviewed, and carried out within 2 hours. But there was an obvious part. The interview. My companion interviewed her and found out she wasn't keeping the word of wisdom and didn't believe Thomas S. Monson to be a prophet. 

The baptism would have to be postponed. It was the sad duty of the missionaries to inform everyone the baptism was off. The sisters couldn't even move. They were absolutely stunned that someone they had worked with for so long had clearly failed the interview. They broke down and we have been praying for them ever since. I invite you to do the same.

So yeah. A lot of stuff happened. Not much of it good, but we should 
have a better week soon. 
This beautiful sunset reminds us of brighter days to come.

Please pray for us. We need the help of strength from your prayers.

Elder Peery

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  1. We know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayer. Remember, when Patches ate that rat poison and miraculously lived? I always will believe the miracle occurred so that a little boy would understand the the power of prayer. We love you and we are praying for you and your companions.