Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 6 in the Field: More Adventures in Antioch

Downtown Music City -- Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks to the people who sent many emails saying how worried they were that I was going through a rough time last week. And while I am very grateful, just know that I am not close to depression or any of the things people were worried about.The major depression that I've gone through in my life so far has mostly happened before my mission ever started. Elder Leavitt and I are working hard and doing fine! But once again I do appreciate all those emails, cards, letter, and prayers. Keep it up!

This week has been pretty hard physically and mentally. If you ever look at the layout of
the area I'm in (in Antioch, Tennessee) you will see that there are plenty of hills,
especially on Anderson St. where we do a lot of biking. While we didn't have a lot of
lessons, we made up for it greatly with some new investigators. But let's just review
the week.

Elder Leavitt and I do a ton of biking. 

On Monday after emailing, I went with a bunch of other missionaries to play racquetball and other sports with President Anderson and the AP's (Elder Tagaloa, Elder Byington, and Elder Steiner).  President destroyed everyone in racquetball including some of the elders who had played for many years. The closest score I heard was 15-7. I was able to beat President at walleyball (volleyball with walls) with him accompanied by Elder Spencer (a Spanish elder) and myself accompanied by Elder Byington. 

On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Zone Leader Elder Loveless. He was super sweet, and while on the exchange, he and I committed one of their investigators to baptism in August. It was pretty amazing to get to see someone make that decision. The ZL's have continued teaching him and I have no idea if he's still interested. I haven't seen him at church yet either.

On Wednesday I taught a training session for the first time in district meeting. It was loosely based on talking to everyone and I used President Monson's talk about how love is the essence of he gospel. Didn't get too much feedback, but people seemed to enjoy it. It was also the last district meeting before transfers, and it was kind of sad to say goodbye to people because we didn't know when we'd see each other again.

We had a super sweet dinner with the Clarks on Thursday. 

Elder Leavitt and I have been working harder and harder with one of our investigators who is a personal trainer. He enjoys what we teach but he's having a hard time keeping his commitments. Finally during one of the lessons, Elder Leavitt came up with the idea of him giving us a ride to church. 

Though we were 20 minutes late, we got him to church and he really enjoyed it. He told us this was the first time he'd been to a church in many many years and that if his friends and family could see him now, they'd give us a standing ovation. He said he'd come back next Sunday. 

We have also been working hard with a family who recently moved here from Shelbyville. A few nights ago we asked if they wanted to be baptized and they said maybe. I'm pretty confident that if we can continue to get them to church that they will feel the peace and love the gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer. We have many families anxious to meet them and other investigators.  Like I said before we have an amazing ward. 

The result of transfers this week:
  • Elder Leavitt and I are staying in Smith Springs B. 
  • Sister Cotton is staying while Sister Larsen is going to follow up train Sister Tebbs (from my MTC district) 
  • Sister Daines is staying while Sister Ellis is going 
  • Elder Moeller is staying while Elder Perry is going 
  • Elder Harris is staying as a ZL while Elder Loveless is going to train a newbie as a DL 

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be in Smith Springs ward but I hope it'll be as long as possible.

Oh yeah I also read the entire Book of Mormon in less than one transfer. I'm beginning to study the Old Testament so that I can say I've read the entire Bible. I encourage you all to study Ether 12.

I'm grateful for all letters and prayers and hope to hear from more people. 
Elder Peery

Contact me at:
Elder Andrew Peery
Tennessee Nashville Mission
105 Westpark Drive, Suite 190
Brentwood, TN 37027-5010

Here are a few more pictures:

Elder Leavitt wanted to go shopping for boots today.

I got a haircut.

Davidson County Courthouse

Beautiful sunset in Tennessee!

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  1. We love reading your posts Andrew. You write so well. You definitely have many gifts and communicating well through the written word is certainly an important gift!! I feel like you are in the room with me speaking when I read your blog.
    Congratulations on your successes and your perserverance. Lots of love